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BR764 Harpo bracelet inlay and silver

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One of a Kind piece

Beautiful Zuni bracelet in sterling silver inlaid with numerous stones: Sleeping Beauty turquoise (Arizona), green turquoise, malachite, lapis lazuli, mother of pearl, and coral.

This signature bracelet depicts a beautiful Rainbow Dancer above a cornfield. It is made with great precision and offers a beautiful mirror effect.

Rainbow Dancer is a Zuni deity represented leaning on the side, imitating the shape of a rainbow. It symbolizes the colors of paradise, but especially the summer rain, an extremely positive element in the eyes of the Natives since it is synonymous of good harvest. Corn is an essential food in Native culture and is a positive and precious symbol. 

Zuni inlay is a composition of real stones (most often turquoise, coral, mother of pearl and black-jet), cut and assembled by hand to create a geometric or figurative pattern. The whole is polished for a smooth and elegant look.

Wrist size: 16,5cm (6 inches 1/2)

One size : do not bend this bracelet!

Width : 1,8cm (0.3/4 inch)

This bracelet is in sterling silver.

Proudly handmade in the USA.


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