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BR735 Harpo cuff bracelet inlay and silver

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One of a Kind piece

Impressive Zuni cuff bracelet in sterling silver representing Sunface, inlaid with Sleeping Beauty turquoise (Arizona), mother of pearl, coral and black-jet.

Sunface is the sacred Sun father. Symbol of life, it is omnipresent in Zuni creations. It is here surrounded by numerous geometric details that highlight it: notably arrowheads in black-jet and coral, as well as two palm shapes, a very common motif in Native jewelry that echoes the shell or to the tail of the Thunder Bird.

Zuni inlay is a composition of real stones (most often turquoise, coral, mother of pearl and black-jet), cut and assembled by hand to create a geometric or figurative pattern. The whole is polished for a smooth and elegant look.

This cuff is a signature piece, representative of the beautiful and meticulous jewelry work of the Zuni artist couple who created it. Their inlays are made with high precision, on sterling silver pieces polished with such care that they can be likened to mirrors.

Wrist size : 19,6cm 

One size : do not bend this bracelet!

Width : 4,6cm

This bracelet is in sterling silver.

Proudly handmade in the USA.


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