Bracelet BR718 cactus flower in turquoise and silver

Bracelet BR718

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One of Kind piece

Stunning Zuni "Cactus Flower" bracelet made of beautiful Sleeping Beauty turquoises (Arizona) set in sterling silver.

This large bracelet is notable for its beautiful rosette called "Cactus Flower", very representative of Native American jewelry and more particularly Zuni. More than a piece of jewelry, this bracelet is a real ornament and ceremonial piece. Sleeping Beauty turquoise, whose mine is located in Arizona, has been closed for several years, so it is very rare to find so many large and beautiful Sleeping Beauty turquoises on a single piece of jewelry.

On either side of the central rosette, there are two half Cactus Flower that are perfectly positioned to dress the wrist. 

The shank is composed of three branches of sterling silver, creating a beautiful openwork effect that lets see the skin.

In short, this bracelet is a true piece of exception!

Wrist size : 17,5cm (7 inches)

Dimensions of the central Cactus Flower: 6cm x 4,8cm
(2 inches 1/2 x 2 inches)

This bracelet is in sterling silver.

Proudly handmade in the USA. 


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