The Western Style in the Fashion World

You must have noticed that fashion is all about cycles: what is trendy at one time will become obsolete and then bounce back to the front of the catwalk later. As Coco Chanel said, "fashions fade, style is eternal" and that's exactly what we see with the western aesthetic.

(From left to right: Ralph Lauren, Lorenzo Serafini, Dior, Hermes)

Timeless clothing...

Some of the pieces in your closet are clothing essentials that your grandparents may have worn themselves at one point, and that your grandchildren will surely want to borrow from you one day.

Among the greatest classics borrowed from the Western style, we find almost every season, year after year: the fringed jacket, the Western shirt, the santiags boots, the raw jeans, the belt buckle...

All together, these elements form of course a very marked style, but what is interesting is to slip one of them in a modern look more passe-partout.


...designed by the most iconic brands (haute couture and ready to wear)

Dior, Chloé, Chevignon, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren... many fashion designers have adopted the codes and aesthetics of Western clothing in several of their collections over the years. And every season, the covers of different fashion magazines highlight certain elements of Western fashion.

(From left to right : Ralph Lauren, Alberta Ferretti, Isabel Marant)

Timeless jewelry

HARPO jewelry has never been part of a trend cycle because it is simply timeless: it is authentic Native American jewelry with a unique style. All the jewelry you see in our collections comes directly from various Native American territories in the Southwestern United States. They are all made of sterling silver, a precious material that lasts over time and never disappoints.

If our rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. can stand the test of time without being dependent on a trend, it is because they speak to a very large number of people, with totally different styles: Western lovers of course, but also classicists, rockers, bikers, adventurers, bohemians, fashions, hypster, sportswearers... when we tell you that HARPO jewelry is for everyone, it really is!


So if you aren’t into the fringed jacket or the ankle boots for fall, you'll have no trouble adopting a variety of jewelry or a beautiful HARPO belt buckle. Indeed, HARPO belt buckles are a beautiful accessory to wear over the years, with sophisticated, bohemian, casual or rough outfits.

Another accessory that we shouldn’t forget is the bolo tie! This emblematic accessory is the equivalent of the tie, but make it cowboy style. It's a unisex accessory/jewel, that you have to dare to try to realize how much it can fit you: worn it on a suit at a wedding and it will be the original accessory that everyone will notice. Combined it on a t-shirt with one or more necklaces, and you will make the difference. And matched with pieces of jeans, the bolo tie will be in its element. Prada, a great house that we no longer present, has recently honored this accessory by signing a model that has become one of their essentials.

In terms of jewelry, some of the pieces available at HARPO are very raw, others much more sleek and contemporary; some are passe-partout and others much more striking. From raw turquoise to inlaid compositions, the key is to find the turquoise ring, the strong and striking bracelet, the beautiful Pueblo necklace, the Navajo earrings or the Zuni pendant that you like! 

And for that, nothing better than to take a tour of our collections.

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