How to choose a watch

How to choose a watch

Useful year after year, the watch is no longer used only to tell the time, but has become an popular fashion accessory. This keeper of time is a jewel on the wrist, which can be the most important part of our look allowing us to have a unique style. A watch can cost many hundreds of euros but, and there are those who do not hesitate at this price, but we have also found those at more accessible prices. Therefore, everyone has the opportunity to select one or more to frequently change their style. But, be careful, as there are many criteria to meet when choosing your watch. If the time has come to purchase the watch of your dreams or if you want advice on how to choose your watch in the future, we recommend you read what follows.

These criteria will help you choose the right watch for you.



A quartz watch is the most common, and we recommend it for its simplicity and effectiveness.




This is the first criteria for the vast majority of people.


- The bracelet


- The size: If you have a smaller wrist, you shouldn’t choose watches with generous proportions. Otherwise, just follow your fancy.


- The form: a watch can be round or square, these are the most common shapes, but there are others, so the choice is all yours!

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