Choose your ring well

Choose your ring well

A symbol of union between a man and a woman, or a piece of jewelry of great value, the ring is one of those objects which has transcended time without ever falling into disuse.

Whether it is a man wanting to please the woman of his dreams, or a teenager spending all their savings to impress their other half, or even someone who wants to treat themselves and find THE piece which fits them perfectly.  Buying a ring can be motivated by many different reasons depending on the individual.

One’s personal taste for jewelry must be taken into account, but the morphology of the hand also is important when choosing a ring to perfectly fit and compliment the hand and the wearer’s personality.



Small fingers/thick: Choose a ring which is somewhat thick       

Small fingers/thin: Narrow rings work perfectly for you but make sure to choose those which do not hide the length of your finger.

Long fingers/thick: Look towards imposing rings with large stones or in solid silver.          

Long fingers/thin: Choose a ring with a medium sized stone mounted with either a nice stone or a beautiful motif in silver.




If you find the one that you love never leave it! A ring can be worn daily and for years. It is therefore extremely important you take your time to choose.           

1. Choose the stone that attracts you  

Blue : intense and strong, a blue stone attracts looks and allows you to show off your character and awake the Indian which is in you!               

Green: more gentle and discreet, it can be worn with everything, summer and winter, with every style of outfit.

White or slightly tinted blue: this would be perfect to show off tanned skin.

2. Choosing the setting for your ring     

Depending on the tribe, the american indian artists we work with offer, thanks to their know how, classic pieces.

Selection of the month

    • Woman Zuni ring Turquoise Flower set in silver
    • Woman Navajo Ring  Turquoise set in silver
    • Woman Navajo ring Feather in silver
    • Woman Zuni Bracelet, Black jet inlay set in silver
    • Woman Zuni bracelet, Pilot Mountain turquoises  inlay set in silver.
    • Woman Navajo Torsade Bracelet Turquoise set on silver
    • Unisex <span style=background-color: #ffffff; color: #828282;>Dawa Zuni pendant, Turquoise, Black Jet, Mother of pearl and Coral inlay set in silver. </span><br style=background-color: #ffffff; color: #828282; /><br style=background-color: #ffffff; color: #828282; /><span style=background-color: #ffffff; color: #828282;>Size: 35mm x 35mm </span><br style=background-color: #ffffff; color: #828282; /><br style=background-color: #ffffff; color: #828282; /><span style=background-color: #ffffff; color: #828282;>Sterling silver : 925/1000e.</span></p
    • Unisex <br /> Navajo pendant, Turquoise Mountain Turquoise set in silver.<br /> <br /> Size (HxL) : 27mm x 13mm.<br /> <br /> Setting in silver 925/1000e.</p
    • Unisex Navajo Pendant, Morenci Turquoises set in silver
    • Woman Zuni Earrings Butterfly Turquoise set in Silver
    • Woman Navajo Feather Earrings in silver
    • Woman Navajo Narra Earrings in Turquoise and mat silver
    • Unisex 100% Silk scarf Sand painting Limited edition
    • Unisex 100% Silk scarf Sand painting Limited edition
    • Unisex 100% Silk scarf Sand painting Limited edition


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